S.H. Rider High School - Class of '79

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Class of 1979 Fallen Raiders

  • Donna Booth Deatheridge
    Donna Booth Deatheridge
  • Malcolm Brooks
    Malcolm Brooks
  • Terri Carroll
    Terri Carroll
  • Carla Connor McDonald
    Carla Connor McDonald
  • Dave Curtis
    Dave Curtis
  • Julia Duncan
    Julia Duncan
  • Billy Greening
    Billy Greening
  • Ember Hull
    Ember Hull
  • Audrey Jones
    Audrey Jones
  • Lanny Ketchum
    Lanny Ketchum
  • Mike Mills
    Mike Mills
  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson
  • Kevin Nordman
    Kevin Nordman
  • Debbie Price
    Debbie Price
  • Brian Pruitt
    Brian Pruitt
  • Edward Andre Rhodes
    Edward Andre Rhodes
  • Gary Russell
    Gary Russell
  • Cheryl Schwartau
    Cheryl Schwartau
  • Mark Shults
    Mark Shults
  • Roy Smith
    Roy Smith
  • Curtis Sparks
    Curtis Sparks
  • Phillip Sund
    Phillip Sund
  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas
  • David Varnell
    David Varnell
  • Phil Wigginton
    Phil Wigginton
  • Mark Wyatt
    Mark Wyatt
Donna Booth Deatheridge
Donna Booth Deatheridge


These are our "Fallen Raiders" from the class of 1979 


~We are here to carry the flag for those who are not; and we will carry it with honor!" ROHO~


  1.) Donna Booth Deatheridge
  2.) Malcolm Brooks
  3.) Terri Carroll
  4.) Carla Connor McDonald
  5.) Dave Curtis
  6.) Julia Duncan
  7.) Billy Greening
  8.) Ember Hull
  9.) Audrey Jones
10.) Lanny Ketchum
11.) Mike Mills
12.) Dave Nelson
13.) Kevin Nordman

14.) Debbie Price

15.) Brian Pruitt
16.) Edward (Andre) Rhodes

17.) Gary Russell
18.) Cheryl Schwartau
19.) Mark Shults
20.) Roy Smith 
21.) Curtis Sparks
22.) Phillip Sund

23.) Troy Thomas
24.) David Varnell
25.) Phil Wigginton

26.) Mark Wyatt


If you know of others, PLEASE let us know at [email protected] so we can remember and honor them here. Thanks!